Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Your presence was comforting

It was a pleasure to act as the proverbial "fly on the wall" at the Monday event held in my honor. While Mr. Mazmanian's sly digs prompted a bit of spectral revenge on my part (for I have learned, here in the afterlife, how to fool with an overhead projector) I will say that on the whole, I found the proceedings acceptable.

Thank you to the estimable Jeff Bagato (author of Mondo DC), artist and vampire cat T.M Lowery (founder of the Argyle Academy), Sarah Grace McCandless (novelist and the proprietress of the blog Sarah DisGrace) and Jason Linkins (the infamous DCeiver) and troupe of comedic performers.

Thanks also to Miss Katie Lederer for acting as amanuensis, and saving Mr. Maz from any additional embarrassment he might have suffered had he, say, lost the evening's receipts or neglected to button his trousers.

Extra-special thanks to Mr. A. Clarke Bedford for his faithful recreation of my traveling lecturn. It brought tears to my ghostly eyes.

We will convene again with more artists and performers on a date to be determined by my phrenologist, Dr. J. Xavier McQuaddle.


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