Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Bloggers Have Become the Blogged

Because I am long since deceased, I could not attend the Second Inaugural Edition of the F.W. Thomas Performances, but I was there in spirit, cadging drinks off the rich and powerful and generally insinuating myself into the corridors of power.

Thanks to all who came to witness the proceedings in corporeal form, and thanks especially to our performers, Louis Bayard, A. Clarke Bedford, Frederic Frommer, T.M. Lowery and James S. Rosen.

The wags at MediaBistro have published an account of the proceedings. Take a look here. I'm afraid our Mr. Rosen bore the brunt of it. I for one delighted in his faculty with the language.

Hope to see you again. We are expecting to reconvene June 12.

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HurricaneK said...

It was a great night, until F.W. floated out and stuck me with the bar tab. That whole "my spectral stomach can't digest alcohol" bit isn't going to work next time, mark my words.