Saturday, April 07, 2007

Mr. Thomas draws a crowd

If you are not convinced yet to come to the Warehouse Theater on Monday April 9 for the Rock and Roll Edition of the F.W. Thomas Performances, perhaps you can be cajoled by the ladies and "gentlemen" of the press. To wit:

Lavanya Ramanathan of the Washington Post previews the "mouthy (and scenesterish)" program here.

The Washington City Paper's Matthew Borlik welcomes Mr. John Sellers to town with NARY A MENTION of the Mr. Thomas programme to which he is linked. Perhaps it's all for the best since Borlik intimates that Sellers is the sort of chap whose indie rock mix tapes are suitable as a soundtrack for "making sweet summertime love to yourself" -- a remark that is more confessional on Borlik's part than anything in Sellers memoir. Well played, Matt!

F.W. Thomas artist-in-residence Mike Lowery also makes an appearance in the City Paper, in an article by Kim Rinehimer about his DeerMilk Collective show at the Warehouse Theater. Curiously, this piece also omits any reference to Mr. Thomas.

Finally, Olsson's, the official bookseller to Mr. Thomas, gives a little plug to Sellers on their events page. (Technically, they are not the press, but they do have excellent little icons indicating which two Metro stations are closest to the Warehouse.)