Monday, June 25, 2007

Mr. Thomas salutes the next generation

The F. W. Thomas community welcomes its newest member, BABY LOWERY, to the fold. Pictures of the adorableness available here.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Mr. Thomas draws a crowd

If you are not convinced yet to come to the Warehouse Theater on Monday April 9 for the Rock and Roll Edition of the F.W. Thomas Performances, perhaps you can be cajoled by the ladies and "gentlemen" of the press. To wit:

Lavanya Ramanathan of the Washington Post previews the "mouthy (and scenesterish)" program here.

The Washington City Paper's Matthew Borlik welcomes Mr. John Sellers to town with NARY A MENTION of the Mr. Thomas programme to which he is linked. Perhaps it's all for the best since Borlik intimates that Sellers is the sort of chap whose indie rock mix tapes are suitable as a soundtrack for "making sweet summertime love to yourself" -- a remark that is more confessional on Borlik's part than anything in Sellers memoir. Well played, Matt!

F.W. Thomas artist-in-residence Mike Lowery also makes an appearance in the City Paper, in an article by Kim Rinehimer about his DeerMilk Collective show at the Warehouse Theater. Curiously, this piece also omits any reference to Mr. Thomas.

Finally, Olsson's, the official bookseller to Mr. Thomas, gives a little plug to Sellers on their events page. (Technically, they are not the press, but they do have excellent little icons indicating which two Metro stations are closest to the Warehouse.)

Thursday, March 29, 2007

F.W. Thomas Just Wants to Rock Edition

In our next episode, F.W. Thomas asks the burning question: ARE YOU READY TO ROCK? Don't answer yet. First, let us mention that the quasi-regular live-action series dubbed, "D.C.'s most comprehensive multimedia performance evening," by some blogger who probably by now wishes she never heard of F.W.Thomas, is hosting an evening of performances on the theme of ROCK &ROLL.

Now please get ready to put your hands together for:

* John Sellers, noted journalist, author and curmudgeon, who will be reading from his new book, "Perfect From Now On: How Indie Rock Saved My Life," just published by Simon & Schuster. Mr. Sellers has dined with Gary Busey, played wing-man on an ill-fated babe-gathering expedition with Chris Kattan, and bowled with Weird Al Yankovic. This appearance is a CAN'T MISS event for area rocknerds and music bloggers, because ,unbeknownst to Mr. Sellers, you will all have the opportunity to gainsay this New York hipster's allegedly "encyclopedic" knowledge of music from the era covering (roughly) the demise of Galaxie 500 to the onset of Built To Spill. He is the clown and D.C. is the dunking tank. Please come armed with MADDENINGLY OBSCURE questions to astound and infuriate! To learn more about Mr. Sellers, please examine his blog:

* Glenn Dixon, who last spoke to us about the musical career of Leonard Nimoy, will speak on the HIDDEN PORNOGRAPHIC SUBTEXTS of Christian Rock. Sound-clips will be served.

* Mike Lowery, the F.W. Thomas artist-in-residence, sharing his innermost thoughts as expressed in deceptively simple line drawings.Mr. Lowery may be fully appreciated at:

*Your host, the noted duckpin bowler and right-wing music critic Adam Mazmanian, with a few words on the art and science of ROCKING OUT

We will be convening promptly at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, April 9, on the main stage at the Warehouse Theater: Warehouse Theater is located at 1017-1021 7th Street NW. Admission is the newly-unreasonable sum of $5.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Breakup Episode

Thank you for your kind attention. Maybe it's time we had a little talk.

In honor of St. Valentine's Day we are BREAKING UP.

We're doing it in a public place, so you don't freak out. And we're handing out CONVERSATION HEARTS to soften the blow.

Please converge upon the Warehouse Theater on Monday February 12 at 7:30PM whereupon, the F.W. THOMAS PERFORMANCES will play host to THE WORLD'S FIRST-EVER BREAKUP SLAM.

And we're asking for your help.

In addition to our ALL-STAR lineup of presenters, we're opening the podium up to that most dreaded of all show-biz tropes: AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION.

  • Transcripts of Instant Messenger dumpings
  • Excerpts from restraining orders taken out by celebrity crushes and delivered via process server
  • Primary school Valentine's cards woefully misinterpreted by you

The audience participation portion of the evening will be modeled after a poetry slam. As is the case in a poetry slam, performers will be expected to be dynamic and brief.

Unlike a poetry slam, you will be expected to be funny and interesting.

If you want to participate but require convincing, please reply to this e-mail. I will send you a soothing personal message to tell you that everything is happening for the best, and we will surely remain friends. The kind of friends who never speak, intermittently stalk each other online and have awkward run-ins at group house parties.

Please also thrill to the contributions of:
  • F.W. Thomas artist-in-residence Mike Lowery, presenting sad but beautiful excerpts from his cartoon diary
  • Violinist Gino Madrid providing (we hope) musical accompaniment to your stories
  • Fiction writer Matthew Summers-Sparks with a story of a breakup so gut-wrenchingly hilarious that we can only hope it isn't based on fact
  • As always, your host and lifelong spammer Adam Mazmanian, presenting a 10-year-old love story that still feels as fresh as an incriminating schmear of trace evidence
The Warehouse Theater is located at 1017-1021 7th Street NW. It is a short and not altogether unpleasant walk from the Chinatown/Gallery Place Metro. Phone is 202-783-3933. Admission is the newly-unreasonable sum of $5.

Read about the F.W. Thomas Performances in the Washington Post

If you care to attend, perhaps signal your intentions on

Please feel free to pass this notice along to any of your friends whom you think would be similarly provoked, or to post it word-for-word on your blog.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

What's new in the J.C.

I was pleased to hear the sweet strains of Mr. Jonathan Coulton emanating from the Victrola this morning, on the NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday program. They included in their report a snippet of audio from his October appearance with Mr. John Hodgman at the Warehouse Theater. It made for some pleasant respite from all the liberal twaddle. And don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about. Give a listen here.

He is playing a set Sunday 12/17 at Jammin Java way out in godforsaken Vienna, miles from the nearest metro. Advance tickets are $12. Slightly more if you are not willing to commit in advance.

Monday, December 04, 2006

The F.W. Thomas Christmas Episode

Please join the entire F.W. Thomas community on Monday December 18 at 7:30PM at the Warehouse Theater for the seventh episode of the F.W. Thomas Performances.

Performers include:

Comic collagist Clarke Bedford

Confessional diarist and cartoonist Mike Lowery on the true meaning of Christmas

Singer-songwriter Alina Simone accompanied by D.C.'s #2 rock cellist, Jenny Petrow. They have promised a Britney Spears cover.

And your truly, the F.W. Thomas curator and master of ceremonies presenting discourses on post-modernist etiquette.

More acts will be added as circumstances warrant.

A brief, informative e-mail is forthcoming.

If you would like to attend, please announce your intentions on

The Warehouse Theater is located at 1017-1021 7th St. NW, between New York Ave. and L St., just across from the Washington Convention Center. Here is a map.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Post-Hodgman Edition

Though you may not wish to hear it, there will be yet another episode
of the F.W. Thomas Performances to take place MONDAY NOV. 13, at 7:30
PM, at the Warehouse Theater.

We hope you will come and experience the artistic and/or literary
vibrations of:

"David" Glenn Dixon, sharing a personal (and A/V-enhanced) "trek"
into the music of Leonard Nimoy.

Matthew Summers-Sparks, a/k/a Ol' Sparky, reading fiction. Did you
know he recently wrote about secret rooms for the New York Times?

T.M. "Mike" Lowery, presenting scenes from a marriage through the
sheer veil of the cartoon form.

And Adam Mazmanian promises to defend his chosen hairstyle using examples from ancient Egyptian Art.

There will be beer and other drinks for sale. You will need them. Art
will be bought and sold. Special guests may be summoned as if from
thin air. The cost is still only a dumbfoundingly tiny three dollars. Mr. Thomas beseeches you to join in the revelry.