Monday, November 06, 2006

Post-Hodgman Edition

Though you may not wish to hear it, there will be yet another episode
of the F.W. Thomas Performances to take place MONDAY NOV. 13, at 7:30
PM, at the Warehouse Theater.

We hope you will come and experience the artistic and/or literary
vibrations of:

"David" Glenn Dixon, sharing a personal (and A/V-enhanced) "trek"
into the music of Leonard Nimoy.

Matthew Summers-Sparks, a/k/a Ol' Sparky, reading fiction. Did you
know he recently wrote about secret rooms for the New York Times?

T.M. "Mike" Lowery, presenting scenes from a marriage through the
sheer veil of the cartoon form.

And Adam Mazmanian promises to defend his chosen hairstyle using examples from ancient Egyptian Art.

There will be beer and other drinks for sale. You will need them. Art
will be bought and sold. Special guests may be summoned as if from
thin air. The cost is still only a dumbfoundingly tiny three dollars. Mr. Thomas beseeches you to join in the revelry.