Thursday, March 29, 2007

F.W. Thomas Just Wants to Rock Edition

In our next episode, F.W. Thomas asks the burning question: ARE YOU READY TO ROCK? Don't answer yet. First, let us mention that the quasi-regular live-action series dubbed, "D.C.'s most comprehensive multimedia performance evening," by some blogger who probably by now wishes she never heard of F.W.Thomas, is hosting an evening of performances on the theme of ROCK &ROLL.

Now please get ready to put your hands together for:

* John Sellers, noted journalist, author and curmudgeon, who will be reading from his new book, "Perfect From Now On: How Indie Rock Saved My Life," just published by Simon & Schuster. Mr. Sellers has dined with Gary Busey, played wing-man on an ill-fated babe-gathering expedition with Chris Kattan, and bowled with Weird Al Yankovic. This appearance is a CAN'T MISS event for area rocknerds and music bloggers, because ,unbeknownst to Mr. Sellers, you will all have the opportunity to gainsay this New York hipster's allegedly "encyclopedic" knowledge of music from the era covering (roughly) the demise of Galaxie 500 to the onset of Built To Spill. He is the clown and D.C. is the dunking tank. Please come armed with MADDENINGLY OBSCURE questions to astound and infuriate! To learn more about Mr. Sellers, please examine his blog:

* Glenn Dixon, who last spoke to us about the musical career of Leonard Nimoy, will speak on the HIDDEN PORNOGRAPHIC SUBTEXTS of Christian Rock. Sound-clips will be served.

* Mike Lowery, the F.W. Thomas artist-in-residence, sharing his innermost thoughts as expressed in deceptively simple line drawings.Mr. Lowery may be fully appreciated at:

*Your host, the noted duckpin bowler and right-wing music critic Adam Mazmanian, with a few words on the art and science of ROCKING OUT

We will be convening promptly at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, April 9, on the main stage at the Warehouse Theater: Warehouse Theater is located at 1017-1021 7th Street NW. Admission is the newly-unreasonable sum of $5.


Bob said...

Rock out with your clock out! What day, sir?

Or maybe I'll just show up next Tuesday and see if you are there. That's so metal.

HurricaneK said...

Mr. Thomas, being spectral, sometimes loses track of what we mortals refer to as "times" or "dates." However,
he has condescended to inform us that our next meeting will occur on Monday, April 9.

bleeeeeeeeeeeeeee said...
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eda said...




Ameen Khatri said...

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